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  1. Continental

    why is United so cheap?

    Take what you want. Don't worry about it. Problem fixed. Next..
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    Southwest 5 year...

    What are upgrades times 15-17 years?
  3. Continental

    Ripped jeans, American new hire class photo

    Eh slow night. No hockey playoffs tonight. Go Habs!
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    Ripped jeans, American new hire class photo

    I found myself wondering what color her underpants might be. Her panties. Uh, odds are they are probably basic white, cotton, underpants. But I sort of think, well, maybe they're silk panties, maybe it's a thong. Maybe it's something really cool that I don't even know about. Quote from old...
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    Ripped jeans, American new hire class photo

    Too bad Mark didn't have time to grab his REO speedwagon jacket before the shot. It must have been in the Camaro
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    Question for UAL Guys...................

    so they will wind up as a hotel in some remote airport of Botswana before too long
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    Slow down Southwest! --United off runway at IAH

    Just testing out the new 4x4 version of 737-999. Bad part is the f/o has to get out to lock the hubs
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    Asiana 767 crew grounded after flying on one engine

    I never knew we had a port side. Better brush up on my knot tying.
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    United pilots want Smisek OUT...

    This is news? Cal guys wanted smisek out before he started
  10. Continental

    United Airlines CEO's pay package falls 15 percent

    His pay package should fall 100%
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    UAL radio transmissions

    we can't even get our own IT dept to run bids correctly for a month. It may take a bit before we get to it. Mgt just calls it the "Whine out on the Line". Ops Check Good!
  12. Continental

    Recommendation for Interview United

    Try higher power for the sim prep or anyone if you can get and hour or so into it. I wouldn't sweat the interview prep. They will look over your crap ask some Q and tell me a time things. Just think back to customer focused things, can do "atta boy" stuff. Get the rah rah rah team player...
  13. Continental

    Air Force to UAL New Hire

    I thought it was all about the hat. Military guys used to wearing a hat. Plus they keep their hair short so the hat fits. Rj guys don't like to wear the hat. Messes up the frosted tips or disheveled look that took 30 minutes to create.
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    The Fat lady just sang!!

    Shouldn't it be the fat lady has "sung"?
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    What would the first year at United be like?

    If you live in Dfw area you will drive to houston occasionally. Not that bad. buc-ees in madisonville takes the pain out. Lots of dallas commuters
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    3000 FAA inspectors idle--be safe!

    I believe it's brown sansabelt which took the hardest hit along with velcro shoes.
  17. Continental

    Unical SLI is out...

    Thanks! Oh the little things that make life so grand;)
  18. Continental

    Unical SLI is out...

    So after the ISL and now Moak and ALPA delaying out money and adding another holdback how long can I expect until I can sit down again? Should I go buy a donut to sit on? Does ice help? Should I go see a doctor?
  19. Continental

    Unical SLI is out...

    Wow am I even employed now? Bottom 1/3 cal side absolutely destroyed.