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  1. Flyby1206

    How does it work...?

    How does it work when fractional pilots are scheduled to rent a car on behalf of the company to reposition to another city? Is the reservation made by the company and waiting for the pilot? Does it count as "duty" time (I'm not familiar with the 135/91 regs)? I'm just curious why we don't see...
  2. Flyby1206

    Delta training capacity?

    I was curious how the size of the training facility and number on instructors has changed since the NWA merger. Years ago the industry could have NWA and DAL separately cranking out hundreds of newhires a year, but now that they are combined into 1 house, will they be able to handle increased...
  3. Flyby1206

    Manila, Phillipines

    Hey all, I will be in Manila for 1 month with the wife while she is on business. I need some ideas for weekend trips we can do in the area, and stuff to do during the day while she works. Anyone have info on places to go, not to go? thanks!
  4. Flyby1206

    Porn For The Blind!

    Finally a charity worth donating to! Porn For The Blind! I sh*t you not!! Your mother always said it would make you go blind... at least now you'll still be able to enjoy some high quality porn narrated by volunteers! The absolute greatest website ever to exist. Moderators, I am so sorry if...
  5. Flyby1206

    Direct Air- Operated by Virgin America?

    Whats the deal with Direct Air? How does VA staff the flights? How long have they been operating? Direct Air new service from Worcester MA
  6. Flyby1206

    Preparing for your CX interview book

    Where can I get a copy of this and have it shipped to the USA? The places I find online are European retailers and dont ship to the USA. Thanks!
  7. Flyby1206

    Trying to find a Raytheon corp pilot

    Im looking for an old friend who flies for Raytheon out of KBED. If anyone works there please PM me, thanks.
  8. Flyby1206

    Overall state of the Corporate aviation industry

    With all the drastic reductions on the 121 side of the industry, how is the Corp side doing? Has the economy affected the number of jobs? Are corp depts reducing fleet sizes?
  9. Flyby1206

    FSI instructor jobs

    Anyone have info on starting pay, scheds, competitive mins? Do you have to know someone currently working there to get an interview? Specifically interested in ILM, SAV, CMH, TEB, MCO locations. Thanks
  10. Flyby1206

    April Netjets interviews?

    Anyone get an invite for April interview dates??
  11. Flyby1206

    RAH Contract negotiations

    Whats the word with progress on RAH contract negotiations? What is the pilot group fighting for? Does anyone really care about getting a good contract since it is 'just a regional'? Will they sell-out for growth opportunity?
  12. Flyby1206

    CAs flying as FOs?

    Is this a common practice at your regional to have CAs used to fly right seat as FOs when staffing is short? Are there any contracts that forbid this?
  13. Flyby1206

    ATP Certificate - RDU

    Anyone know a quick 1-day ATP certificate course in RDU? Written is already done, just looking for the quickest way to get the certificate, thanks
  14. Flyby1206

    CS mins?

    Have they changed their mins recently? These are the mins posted on the website: Airline Transport Pilot Certificate (Multi-Engine Land) Current FAA First Class Medical Certificate 2,000 hours total pilot time 500 hours fixed wing multi-engine PIC time 500 hours turbine time Was 500hrs...
  15. Flyby1206

    Maine Aviation- Portland ME info?

    Anyone have info on pay/qol/scheds? Particularly interested in the hawker 1000 and 700 they operate out of PSM. Thanks
  16. Flyby1206

    JetBlue Open House?

    I hear there is an open house on Feb 2 for those interested. I assume it is in MCO, anyone have details where/what time? Also, what typically goes on at the open house? Should I bring logbooks? I dont have any internal Letters of rec or contacts, do I have a chance? Also, I looked at the JB...
  17. Flyby1206

    Salary check- CL604

    Anyone have salary figures for a CL604 FO in the northeast flying mostly domestic? Thanks!
  18. Flyby1206

    Aeroshares- Portsmouth NH

    Anyone know about pay/QOL/scheds for this company based in Portsmouth NH? Or any info on other corp jobs in the area? Thanks
  19. Flyby1206

    Aeroshares- portmouth NH

    Anyone know about pay/QOL/scheds for this company based in Portsmouth NH? Or any info on other corp jobs in the area? Thanks
  20. Flyby1206

    CS growth?

    Anyone have info on new a/c deliveries for 2008 for CS? APC says they are hiring 8-12/mo in anticipation of deliveries, how long will this continue?