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    Regions Air????

    That's too bad for Wes. Maybe they should have "asked" a certin.....well nevermind. Can you get "ramp checked" on Flight info? Last I heard I think there was about 9 people left. I think some were hopeful until the first part of May that the cockroach would actually survive. Oh well - that...
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    Don Davis Aviation

    Does anyone know about these guyes such as days off, pay.... They have a posting on They look like an FBO 91/135 company located in Henderson, KY. Thanks in advance!
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    Regions Air????

    Have you guyes noticed that on the airline pilot central's website "Christine" is the picture that shows up under the Flight Options logo? It's been like that for awhile I've noticed.......
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    Can you know a base before you are hired?

    Can anyone please tell me if you are offered a base before you accept the job at your company? I’ve heard stories of people “probably” getting XXX city during the interview, then finding out sometime during training they’ll have a 2 leg commute! Thanks in advance for any input!