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    Aviation on a non-aviation resume

    I'm making a non-aviation resume, and I was wondering how aviation looks on a non-aviation resume. How much would employers care, if at all? If say, I have a CPL with 300 hours, but I'm applying for an internship that has nothing to do with aviation (investment banking), how far up on the...
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    Such thing as Insument ASES?

    A C-172XP with floats I'm looking at says its IFR certified. Can a seaplane actually fly in IMC? I don't get it? On resumes it would say Instrument ASEL. Is there such thing as Instrument ASES?
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    Knocking out Complex/High-Performance/Seaplane at once

    I'm thinking of getting my seaplane rating in a 172XP. It has a constant-speed prop, a 210HP engine, flaps, and floats, making it 1) a seaplane 2) a complex airplane (doesn't need RG b/c its a seaplane) and 3) a high-performance aircraft. My question is, with the complex endorsement here, does...
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    Aerobatics in the Chicago area?

    Do any of you know of a school that teaches Aerobatics in the Chicago area?..and I'm not talking about Sundowners with the word "Aerobatic!" written on the side in MS Paint. Windy City Flyers at PWK used to have a Super Decathlon, but they don't anymore. The closest option seems to be Blue Sky...
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    Checkride: Pass

    I'm the OP for the thread below about asking the examiner to take control in a real emergency... I passed my checkride! I didn't even have to address it during my preflight briefing. My DE said that in an event of a real emergency, I am still PIC, and he will do everything necessary to assist...
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    Ask examiner to take controls in real emergency

    Tomorrow is my private pilot checkride, and my DE is a retired continental airlines pilot. In my preflight briefing is it okay to say, "In a real emergency, I would like you to take the controls since you have thousands of hours more experience than I do. I will take care of the radios and...
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    JetBlue emergency, no NTSB report

    I'm new to this forum and I'm going to use this opportunity to ask a question that has been lingering in my mind for 4 months. ------ On Sunday, March 25, 2007 at 7:32 p.m., the JetBlue Embraer 190 I was on performed an emergency landing at BOS. Flight 1017 took off of BOS bound for JFK, and...
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    Help me, I'm thinking of quitting

    I'm a student pilot who has his checkride schedule for next week. Now I'm thinking of calling the whole thing off and quitting flying. Until a few months ago, my dream was to become an airline pilot. However my parents were strongly against it. My dad's argument was that with the education I'm...