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    How about a section for guys getting OUT of aviation?

    Helo jobs And it's only getting better, IMHO with the Viet Nam vets retiring. That shortage is beginning to be reflected in improvements in pay and benefits. Great time to get back in the industry. Congrats on the new job, Snow. Sent you a pm.
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    Peterson AFB Aero Club for PPL training?

    My info is bit old, but I did some training there a few years back. Saundra S., if she's still there, will work to insure you have a good experience. Good, experienced instructors, and an in-house DE (when I was there) but I'm sure the ones I worked with have moved on. Many also did flight...
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    Things To Do In Monterey Ca

    Cannery Row Ditto all of the above. Check out Cannery Row. Jogging trails, shops, restaurants, fishing excursions. Oh...and bring a sweater. As Mark Twain once said, "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco".
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    How to stay in aviation a little???

    Excellent advice.
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    I knew it was going to happen

    ....but haggis is an acquired taste. So what's your point?
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    Just had a unique experience...

    Sent you a PM.
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    Skywest hiring ASA pilots

    Union threat The threat of bringing a union on property is more powerful than the union itself.
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    EMS Help!

    Air Evac? Although they aren't in the Carolinas, might look at Air Evac. Bases in the South and Midwest. Pay is in the $40's and I believe it is possible to commute. Might be a way to get started, get competitive and then move on to something better. Good Luck!
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    Ship 701 to Skywest

    Fins is right about a lot of things, scope in particular. IMHO, scope would be the single most essential inclusion in a new contract. Without it, the rest is worthless. Hawk
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    Official: ASA not getting ANY 900s

    Excellent post.
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    Just had a unique experience...

    Good Luck! Hey Gringo, Sounds like you found a ticket out of the crazy airline lifestyle! What are you doing now? Anyways, best of luck to you whatever it is. BTW, is your crashpad in ATL still up for sale? Hawk
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    Comair Crash

    Condolences A grim reminder of how fragile life is. Thoughts and prayers for all those who lost friends and family.
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    Leaving Aviation?

    Sent you a PM.
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    Leaving Aviation?

    Snow--Would you have any interest in returning to RW flying? Pay and QOL is better than the typical regional airline lifestyle. With your background, it might even work nicely into a corporate dual-rated position depending on your location. Best of luck! Hawk
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    How about a section for guys getting OUT of aviation?

    Snow--Ever thought of returning to helo's on the corporate side? Home nearly every night and the pay's not bad either. Could even segue into a dual-rated gig. Might require a move, though. What area are you looking in? Hawk
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    Little bit of ASA good news, very little, but something

    Couldn't have said it better, 79%. The proverbial handwriting is on the wall. Hawk ________________________________________________________ Watching my airline shrink.
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    ASA Questions

    It amazes me that some must still be led to the wall to read the writing on it...