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    Spirit Airlines: Updates

    I spoke too soon.... Clearly.
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    Spirit Airlines: Updates

    I can't think of a single major issue in more than 6 months... Guess I've been lucky.
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    PHL Thanksgiving

    I just want to thank the guys in the tower at PHL who offered to share Thanksgiving dinner with us as we taxied in last night! If we had just had a little more time, we would have figured out how to get over there! Thanks y'all! NK484
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    FAA bans personal use of PEDs by pilots

    They were asleep anyway, not on their computers..... Everyone knows this....
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    I can't make this up, SPIRIT classless advertisement

    Color me curious...
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    Spirit now requiring 500 hours part 121/135 TPIC

    IDK... Crystal balls never work, but.... We are at 2.5 yrs right now, having added 16 aircraft in 2012/2013.... Plans to add 25 aircraft in 2014/2015.... Admittedly, I haven't actually done the math, but it sure looks like under 2 yrs to me....
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    Spirit Instituting $5 Cowl Fee

    Only when someone feels the need to point a bony little finger! Seriously... all in good fun- really hope no one gets his feelers hurt!
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    Spirit now requiring 500 hours part 121/135 TPIC

    FWIW- my understanding is that this is a requirement to attend the job fair- not to apply to Spirit.... I know that attending a job fair has been helpful to some, but not the only way people are getting hired.
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    Spirit Instituting $5 Cowl Fee

    I won't get into the whole "your" vs "you're" thing.... We can call that a gimme....
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    Spirit Instituting $5 Cowl Fee

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    Spirit Instituting $5 Cowl Fee

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    So... What did the previous airline mergers give up?

    "Hastily Posted..." Now THATS funny....
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    Anyone Jumpseated on Spirit?

    Don't use the main res number.... There is a different number for JSers, it's listed on APC.
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    It's not gonna be JetBlue.

    I was kinda wondering the same thing....
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    6/18 Spirit Class?

    Dunno... I had close to 10k hrs, 2-3k turbine pic, 5 types; incl a320.... Consider myself very fortunate....
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    USAir & AMR merger

    "A furloughed West pilot could bid Capt on the East." Uhh... I don't think so... But... I guess anyone can "BID" anything....
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    Interviewed yesterday with 10 total, I think. I'm not sure about total time, but everyone but 2 had a fair amount of large, (Boeing, MD...) time. I was the only one with A320 type... and all but 2 of us had a FL address....
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    Southern Air Interview Gouge

    Yeah, I'm not really complaining- just adding to the update....
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    Southern Air Interview Gouge

    Congratulations on being accepted into Southern Air’s pilot pool. This letter is being sent to you to make you aware of SAI’s hiring plans for 2011. After evaluating our current fleet plan and future strategic objectives, we have decided to add B747-400 aircrafts at a faster rate than...
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    QOL at Redwood

    I think I meant this one: BTW- not a major...