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    Low Time Pilot, help?!

    Not to mention just about the only time you see/hear these guys flying around is on 10sm CLR days. If you live next to a base, you know what I mean.
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    PHL Operations

    Out of your next few trips there, seriously notice how long it takes to pull into a gate. Sometimes 2 minutes seems like 10. Im not saying its perfect, but where is? Yeah, the sports thing is a cheap shot. Most of the dudes in the hood hate baseball, and the Sixers nowdays for that matter.
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    PHL Operations

    Cheap Shot! Next time I wait 2 minutes for a gate at MSP on a commute, I'll go on a tyrant that the ramps off watching the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, chuggin' Mountain Dew's, and catching up on the ice fishing tourney!
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    PHL Operations

    Crabs in a barrel. One reaches the top and another pulls him down. People making an effort to do good and you pull them down. Nice. What a tool.
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    PHL Operations

    I saw some homeboys workin the ramp in ORD what?
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    PHL Operations

    I second the runners BoilerUp. Seems like they have been moving lately. Maybe if we (pilots) actually use words like "thank-you", or "hey, whats new" they could appreciate it. Just a thought.
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    PHL Operations

    Has anyone else noticed the improved quickness at the F gates? I know, I know, its Philly, but think seriously all bias aside.....................Honestly, How long have you watied for a marshal lately???
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    Air Wisconsin Hiring Again...

    hahahahahahahaha. Yeah Right.
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    Comair Mec Endorses Pay Cuts

    ALPA's an F-ing joke. See where the 2% gets us.
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    This is why RJ Pilots are given no respect

    As an RJ pilot, it is embarrassing to work with some of these guys that CFI'd for a couple hundred hours and think they paid dues. Better yet, went to Riddle/UND and think they got real flying experiance. Unless you were working at a scheduled 135 op. before taking an RJ job, its hard to build...
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    Tipping hotel van drivers

    Would it be looked down upon if I stop tipping van drivers all together? I dont want to look like a cheap bastard, but if its okay not to tip, I'll save the money.
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    air wisconsin

    I'm going to agree with you here. As a commuter myself, there is no reason to put down others because my life sucks. I would quit or find a new job before being an a$hole to the crew. Well said.