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  1. Howard Hughes

    Delta/NWA/AF/KLM/Alitalia Megacarrier Insights....

    Comments from another board which I tend to agree with. AF and DL: Creating the First Global Megacarrier There has clearly been a lot of talk about mergers in the anticipation that the long-awaited consolidation of the US airline industry may finally be upon us as DL makes the first in...
  2. Howard Hughes

    NWA?DAL deal rumored within 2 weeks

    I have predicted this merger for some time. I also move the announcement date ealier than I originally anticipated which was end of 2008. It will take well into 2009 or longer to work out the details. I just hope its not a melt down like Airways/AWA.
  3. Howard Hughes

    White House Bent on destroying Air Line Pilots via Foreign Control

    I voted for Bush the first time. I have no respect for Bush after watching his recklace abandon for the airline industry. Anyone will be better than Bush....we hope!
  4. Howard Hughes

    Delta (Anderson) denies any merger talks with United

    Still standing by my merger predictions:
  5. Howard Hughes

    Delta (Anderson) denies any merger talks with United

    November 14, 2007 Atlanta – Captain Lee Moak, master chairman of the Delta Air Lines pilots union, represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA), responds to comments by Pardus Capital Management LP regarding Delta's role in consolidation by issuing the following statement...
  6. Howard Hughes

    Delta (Anderson) denies any merger talks with United

    Date: November 14, 2007 To: Delta Colleagues Worldwide From: Richard Anderson and Ed Bastian Subject: CONTINUING TO REVIEW OUR STRATEGIC OPTIONS Today, Pardus Capital Management LP (an investment group holding Delta common stock) publicly disclosed a letter they sent to us recommending...
  7. Howard Hughes

    Delta Announces New International Routes....

    Looks like there is more to be announced later in the week.
  8. Howard Hughes

    Alaska 261 Animated Footage.....

    Sad that this could have been prevented. There has always been that constant struggle between management trying to improve the bottom line vs safety.
  9. Howard Hughes

    Lear 70 Defense fund

    Lear, ten minutes ago I sent $20 to the paypal account listed above. Please take $10 for your legal fight and give $10 to Ms Davis. Thanks. Give em hell!
  10. Howard Hughes

    Delta Posts $1.77B profit

    Yes you can rest assured of two things: 1. Management will try to help themselved whenever they can. 2. The pilots will ask for money back. They will use everything possible to make this happen. The plan talking to most of my Delta friends is to let the company turn a healthy profit...
  11. Howard Hughes

    Delta Posts $1.77B profit

    I am just curious what you personaly would have done differently? When in BK the judge is basically making the changes that the company is asking for, the current administration won't allow a strike and if you vote no too many times you get an even worse deal crammed down your throat. Once...
  12. Howard Hughes

    Delta Air Lines 7/02/07 Class Breakdown

    Just out of curiousity how did you get hired by a part 121 operation with only 400 hours?
  13. Howard Hughes

    Delta and Salt Lake City

    Any of you Delta guys here about a possible fllight direct to Europe from Salt Lake City? Also I'm assuming the "growth" is speaking to regional jets. Any word on the rumoured 20 to 60 MD-90's from China Southern Delta's was looking to place in SLC? Would these take back some routes that had...
  14. Howard Hughes

    what the hell "sapa"

    Reminds me of Crimson Tide: Sapa President = Denzel Washington These other guys = Gene Hackmans dog
  15. Howard Hughes

    Newest Open Skies Proposal - NAFTA style

    Mergers will happen and will help short term. Long term the business of being an airline pilot is not worth it. The schedules are already bad. I'm a republican but can tell you this administration is short sited. All they can think is what will give the public cheaper tickets right now...
  16. Howard Hughes

    Age 60 - Suicide of UAL Captain

    Well said!
  17. Howard Hughes

    Delta Newhire training question

    For those of you with upcoming interviews word on the street is the process is getting some changes effective after today. Also, Jon Swift is stepping down to fly the 777. Not sure who will be taking the reigns of pilot selection/interviews now.
  18. Howard Hughes

    SWA Business plan Tanking..Did I miss something?

    For those who hang in there long enough destiny has a way of manifesting itself. Good Luck Halin. You seem like a good guy to fly with. I tend to agree with you RE attitudes of some of the SWA gang on here. Eerily reminscent of United guys/girls back in the late nineties when they were top dog...
  19. Howard Hughes

    I'm Going To The 767ER

    ACL, you could always do the 7ER for two years, take in NY as a one time life event then bid back to 767 ATL domestic. The fam might have something to say about this however:) If hiring continues like it is now you could probably hold a line in ATL at the end of the two years. Just a thought.