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    Galopagos Islands (TEST)

    It's been a few years, but here's how it worked for me... Flew into Guayaquil (SEGU) to clear customs inbound. We then dropped our pax at San Cristobal (SEST). Pax were staying for a week, but due to ramp size we ferried back to SEGU. I was able to RON at SEST the day before departure, so the...
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    AA JFK crosswind emergency...

    61 replies but no mention of what the big, scary crosswind actually was. I guess they were the only 767 that flew into JFK that day, because all of the others would have crashed. Stop the PIC chest beating. How about manning up and flying the aircraft.
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    global express thoughts...

    Get used to the fact that you now fly a Global. It will never be a Gulfstream in terms of reliability and rock solid performance. The quicker you learn to live with it, the less irritated you will be. BTW - there is a way to display AOA. When you learn more you will figure it out...
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    Any Chrysler Pilots Here?

    You got it right Sabre dude. 1200 meaningless posts does not make an expert. If there are any Chrysler pilots are here, I flew BN before he was at Home know, that BIGGER company. And he was always a pleasant passenger. I got along with him just fine. Chrysler is in trouble...
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    Any Chrysler Pilots Here?

    I'm enjoying my present job quite nicely. It has nothing to do with Home Depot or Chrysler. Ahh, so many experts on this board who think they have it all figured out. My point is: why be so negative to another group of pilots. If you had a bad experience, move on and worry about yourself...
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    Any Chrysler Pilots Here?

    what a tool. are you a former hd pilot? the problem there had nothing to do with the ceo. quit crying.
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    karumba resort each resort is basically on it's own island. i was there last year and stayed at the karumba resort which was fantastic. absolutely the best snorkeling i've ever done right from the beach. beware of ill-mannered russians. they are everywhere.
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    Is Gulfstream getting any closer to announcing? I talked to the FSI manager in SAV and he admitted that they are working with Gulfstream. I've been out of the G community for too long...flying a high strung, finicky GLX. Show me the light at the end of the tunnel.
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    Going to Johannesburg, SA

    Rosebank Hyatt is nice....Lufthansa crew hotel. The Air Routing agents are very good. Lanseria is the hilliest airport I have ever been to. Look out for lots of VFR traffic. Cairo can be a long tech stop. Lots of taxiing. I've been to Malta and the service was very good.