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    PHL Thanksgiving

    I just want to thank the guys in the tower at PHL who offered to share Thanksgiving dinner with us as we taxied in last night! If we had just had a little more time, we would have figured out how to get over there! Thanks y'all! NK484
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    Virgin America App.

    Does anyone know the best way to update with VA? It appears that the only thing I can do on the website is update my "profile," which doesn't have flight time info.... Am I missing something? Thanks! SG
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    Looking in Texas....

    Preferrably D/FW.... Does anyone know anything about Exxon-Mobil??? I'm seriously looking to get out of 121....
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    Corporate Schedules?????

    Hey, just curious... kind of a survey with all the corporate guys out there. Tell me about your schedules, and time spent with your family. I know "schedule" is a relative term.... But do you have quality time at home?? Thanks.....
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    121 to Corporate

    So I need a little advice.... I used to fly GIIIs for a charter/management company... thought I always wanted to be an airline pilot, so now I actually work for a major. The thing is, I really think I'd rather be back in corporate. I wouldn't want to leave what I have now for another 135...