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  1. ParrotheadGTI

    AirTran pilot with rollerbag wheel lights

    wow. that's all.
  2. ParrotheadGTI

    Fedex down in LBB

    Just saw where a Fedex (looks like an ATR from what I can see) feeder crashed on landing in Lubbock.. 2 on board, both are fine.
  3. ParrotheadGTI

    ASA hiring pool

    Well, I got hired by ASA, and placed into the hiring pool... Anyone have an idea how long it will take to make it out of the pool and into a class date? I know they're still interviewing and placing people into the I'm assuming that maybe they'll start having classes again before too...
  4. ParrotheadGTI

    Stay AWAY from this flight school---

    Falcon Aviation Academy in Peachtree City, GA (KFFC) They call themselves a part 141 school, but I received MAYBE 3 hours of ground training in the time I was there, no set syllabus. What's really sad is the fact that I learned more in the first 3 days of ground school here, than in the entire...