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    Application window

    If anyone could shed somelight on when the next application window will open it would be appriciated.
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    So I got the JFK as a base, so commuting is what is going to have to happen. My wife and I are looking to move closer to JFK to a city that is commutable. We live in PHX now. Should I depend on the CASS or CASS and pass travel While choosing. Just wondering if I could depend on CASS to get me to...
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    commute from Phoenix to JFK

    How realistic is a commute from Phoenix to JFK. Many flights a day to NY but never had to commute. Thanks for any help
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    reserve question

    Can anybody share what your schedule is like while on reserve
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    Comair Boston

    Any word on Comair starting a BOS pilot base. There were rumors a few months back
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    Comair Training

    I class date at comair. Was hoping to hear from anyone in training or just out of training to see how it was. Schedule during training, Length of training, flight benifits during training. Anything will help. Thanks
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    Comair interview

    Question: Did comair pay for your travel both ways or just home I have an interview and still have not gotten my info they were going to send. Thanks
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    What is in store for Comair

    I am new to the boards and have been reading all I can about different airlines. Any Comair pilots that may be able to look into the crystal ball and see what is going to happen to them in the next few years. And is it worth it to get hired by them? Thanks in advance