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    Delta Pilots Association

    For those of us tired of the pandering of ALPA and the mis-direction of the DALPA "top-down" structure: There is an alternative! The time for change is now, the time for internal representation is now, the time for Delta Pilots representing themselves and putting thier interests first is NOW...
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    DAL 100 Seat Scope Deal

    Heard today that the Co approached Dalpa about 100 seat relief for a 22% pay increase. I hope this is just an ugly rumor but I heard it from someone on the 3rd floor and "in the know". Normally I wouldn't get worked up about hearsay but with the history of Dalpa signing LOA's first and...
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    Dal ae

    Breakdown: Base, eqip, position, # of vacancies, senior & junior person in seat, reason atl7ercapt 35 00034 05120 adjustment atl73ncapt 15 00134 06415 increased util atlm88capt 24 00714 08492 increased util atl7erf/o 35...
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    Tom Herfort, GIA DO Passes Away

    For those of you that knew Tom, he will be sorely missed. Tom was an inspiration, example and mentor to countless pilots and aviation professionals alike. I would not be where I am today without Tom's guidance and help. May he rest in Peace. For those of you that are not flying it would be...
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    DAL resume hiring in Oct

    438 is the number I heard tossed around, anyone else?
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    LAX Crashpad needed

    Any info on an lax crashpad NOT requiring a car would be greatly appreciated....please PM me...
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    Time for Limited Re-Regulation of the Industry

    Fellow Pilots, As much as I dislike Government interference in our affairs, private or public, I feel that the time has come for re-regulation of portions of the the US Domestic Airline Industry in regards to fuel cost's, associated overhead, tax relief and domestic ticket pricing. For the...
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    NWA/Delta Merger Just Announced!!!

    Made you look! April fools!
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    Delta 10/29 Class

    Anyone in the pool got a call yet for the 10/29 class, if so when did you get your "ok to train" email? I got mine on 10/1 and haven't heard back for a class assignment yet...?
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    R22/R44 CFII Job Leads?

    If anyone knows of any r22/44 cfi positions open or about to open please pm me.