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    MicroBirds UltraLight

    not sure if this will suffice on this thread, but gliders and lighter than air seems to match :)
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    Feather² Squared Micro DLG RC Glider

    not sure if home builder means radio control airplanes and gliders but ill just put this out here :)
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    American Pilot Disappeared after Getting New Type Rating

    any link on this article we can look at? or at least a name of the pilot? just curious
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    weight shift control

    ahh that makes total sense now, learned something new :)
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    weight shift control

    not entirely sure what you mean, explain?
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    Visiting US glider pilot in Sydney area

    i believe you are looking for this
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    Arizona Soaring

    i know the flight is over the Sierra Estrella Mountains, but its a shame the website does not give you more detail about what kind of gliders they use, specs and what have you hmm