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    EX AA Chief Bart Roberts New VP Flight Operations at Jetblue.

    Not sure what this means, just a nugget if info.
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    But Dave will leave if we vote in a union....

    Of course those $$ you get from the Navy helps make those decisions a little easier don't they.
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    Jetblue: How many jumpseats in the bus?

    2 up front, 3 in the back, If you're in CASS you can ride any any of the 5. Non-CASS the 3 in back are still open
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    Leave Jetblue for Southwest

    Make you decision based only on what the situation is now. You're nuts if you based your decision on what might happen with AA and JB.
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    I resent certain interview questions

    Assuming you have, why would you say no?
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    ALPA at Jetlbue

    You do know that JB neither owns nor leases Chili's in FLL?
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    JetBlue Pilot jumpseat

    On the other hand pilots can ride in our FA jumpseats, my experience is that the gate agents will list you if they're not busy. If you walk up at the last minute with the gate swamped then good luck. I really don't think listing via a toll free number is a big deal. Regardless if sitting in back...
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    Nov 3 JB Newhire class

    I have news for you, it sucks everywhere.
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    JB Base options

    If you live in base, RSV isn't a bad quality of life. You'll be on RSV for quite a while on either airplane regardless of base. The 320 will pay more, but you'll hold a line quicker in the 190. At least that's how it looks now.
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    Jetblue to VA

    Assuming VA survives faster upgrade at VA or live in base.
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    JB Candidates in phase II

    FYI - Back ground checks (Phase II) only started recently. The reality is we would have like to begun classes this month but after the initial wave of interviews Phase II was put on hold. I guess JB didn't want to pay for back ground checks until they knew the exact numbers. Regardless classes...
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    BP and PAN-AM 103 blood money

    Well BP may have lobbied for his release, my kid begs for candy before bedtime too. The UK government actually released him. The UK stands to make billions too, they're even dirtier than BP in my book.
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    Jetblue jumpseat open to Spirit

    Basicly nothing has changed. JS still open, front w/CASS and back non-CASS.
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    Will Spirit Survive if they WalK?

    They might have to shutdown, so the reverse they might not have to shut down
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    JetBlue open house

    While it's true that we have no CBA, COLA, lousy health insurance, etc. not a single JB pilot has been furloughed. You also forgot to say how much the new FSM sucks. Which is more than DL, AA, UA, US, Air Tran, UPS, FedEx and all the rest can say. Which is not to say that as a JB pilot you...
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    Attn: Colgan Air or Colgan Airways

    I know a lot of Colgan Airways and Colgan Air pilots knew Capt. Mitch Collins through his roles in both companies training departments. Sadly Mitch passed away Friday evening at the age of 50. No word on services.
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    Capt. Mitch Collins

    Colgan Airways, MVA, Eastern, Colgan Air, Flight Safety...Yo9u'll be missed my friend.
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    Droid users free Logbook App

    I use Verizon, not sure why Sprint wouldn't have it. Try Googling it or try this link.
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    Electronic Logbook

    I have used Safelog for 4 years, interviewed 2 years ago with 5 airlines using it to print hard a hard copy, offered a job at all 5. left my out paper log book at how as i had transferred all flying to Safelog. All commented about how much they like the logbook, one interviewer asked where i got...
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    Droid users free Logbook App

    Why, IPhone is inferior.