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    6/18 Spirit Class?

    What's it take to get an interview?
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    Citation air to upgrade/recall

    Anyone know if they got the 13 they needed? Wondering if they are still making calls.
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    DUI and the FAA

    My reg book is a bit out of date, but Part 61 does not change much, and it applies to ALL airmen: 61.16 Refusal to submit to an alcohol test. (Paraphased) A refusal to submit to a test to indicate the percentage of alcohol in the blood, when requested by a law enforcemrnt
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    Navagating across the pond before GPS

    At ATA, we still fly all over the world using the Litton 92 INS. Just flew trans-pacific in an L1011, SEA-OKO yesterday. The 92 is quite accurate, but not very user friendly.
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    SWA buys ATA

    Southwest needs to have a better plan than that. A one fleet airline has served them well in the past; but the past, as they say, is dead. The future lies in the international arena, and the 737 just aint gonna get you there. If WN isn't proactive, they may find themselves marginalized as...