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    Hidden camera footage of SWA/AAI SLI Talks

    That wasn't just funny it was hilarious, thanks spciii.
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    AirTran cancelling classes

    He's French, 'Nuff said.
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    Airtran to cut growth in 09 and 10

    Ding,ding,ding,ding,ding!!! We Have A Winner!!!
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    AirTran Election Central

    Go ahead and mention the name. I won't tell!!
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    Airtran Pilots if you want change vote for Schroll

    DS, the guy that led the recall effort, that's who wrote Schroll's letter. DS is trying to ride Schrolls' coattails into office since he can't get elected on his own, with his "checkered" past.
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    AIRTRAN Presidential Elections.

    DA should withdraw his nomination as well. Anybody who was affiliated with the scheduling section of our TA (read DA and CK) should never be allowed to do union work again. I've heard it said that "these guys are really smart." While that may be the case, I've never witnessed either one of them...
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    AIRTRAN Presidential Elections.

    Since when has our management team shown any willingness or propensity to work together with anybody? "Mutual good" is a concept completely lost on these bozos! The only "good" these greedy thugs are out for is their own "good" deal! I am deeply concerned for anybody who has been here more than...
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    candidates position at NPA?

    The scabs are already deeply entrenched in the chief pilots office and the training(checking) dept. Let's not surrender our union to them as well. We ought to be working toward ending their reign of terror as management pilots with some good strong contract language that says "not on the AirTran...
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    Lear 70 Defense fund

    This would also be a great show of solidarity. I think the NPA should hire Lear as a negotiating consultant. Then SK can deal with him full-time. On a slightly different note I hear our CP FP has been threatening guys jobs who write up cabin lights, even if they are really out. I also hear our...
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    FL Captain Flapless...........

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    AirTran Recall Results

    I do work here. Lear for President!!
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    AirTran Recall Results

    Thank God!!!!!
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    AirTran T.A. 2 Rebuttal is available

    Skipper has his head up his own fat a$$. Better yet, I hear Doughboy has a class date with Southwest. What the heck is he doing negotiating our contract if he doesn't even want to be here. I'm starting to get worried that if we don't redouble our efforts this turd will pass and AP will save...
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    NPA BoD endorses last-minute T.A.

    Hal, I greatly appreciate what you are saying. I am jealous of the relationship you have between your union (pilot group) and your management team. Heck, for that matter I'm just plain jealous of your management team having accomplished all that they have and still treated their employees like...
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    NPA BoD endorses last-minute T.A.

    When AP said something to the effect of, the best part of this new ta is it's short duration, he was admitting that the NPA or current leadership had no ability/willingness to negotiate a better deal. I believe he was also alluding to the pilots that we should sit this round out and let other...
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    NPA BoD endorses last-minute T.A.

    Why are we choosing to "live with" anything?
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    NPA BoD endorses last-minute T.A.

    On a different note, has anyone else noticed that the longer we hold out, the better the Last Final Offer(s) keeps becoming? We are working under a pretty good CBA that is amendable (a.k.a. remains in effect until we vote in a new CBA.) Why are we in any kind of hurry to jump on any of these...
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    NPA BoD endorses last-minute T.A.

    We need to start an immediate decertification drive for the NPA and push for ALPA to come on board. This latest round is over the top, wholesale insanity. We are paying the NPA huge bucks to work for the company, not us. That is all these last few rounds have been, pandering to management. The...
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    AirTran's training house

    Many of us have encouraged the union to help the company fix the schoolhouse problems with some very specific language in the new ta and with a training committee that actually has some fangs. I suspected we were completely ignored and had confirmation when the ta came out, only saying that the...
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    Air Tran Attrition?

    I just heard a rumor that MB our old lead negotiator may be running for president after we recall AP and MS.