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    NJ new app for October

    Is it still true that the application process will be completely changed in October? I heard it is going to be completely online-based... thx
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    XOJet financials, 401k, and bases

    Who is funding XOJet? What is the 401k match? How are you awarded bases and how do you switch? Thanks!
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    Smaller range a/c at NetJets QOL

    Will somebody provide some Quality of life insight on the various smaller range aircraft at NJ? i.e. The XL vs Hawker 400XP vs. Ultra vs. Encore vs. Encore plus? Thanks.
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    NJ Citation X vs. Excel

    Due to the size of these fleets I would imagine they both work very hard. Can somebody compare quality of life on the X vs. the Excel at NetJets? What is an average day like on each? Thanks!
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    nj phone interview

    nj jumpseats does any airline accept nj jumpseaters? thanks!
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    nj phone interview

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    netjets written test

    anybody have any gouge on the netjets interview written test? are the questions straight from the atp written? thanks!
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    Weekends off at NetJets 7/7

    At NJ can you guarantee every other weekend off on the 7/7 schedule or do some start on sundays? What determines your starting day of the week? equipment? domicile? airplane? Can this be changed? Is it bid for via seniority? When can you change it? Thanks guys!
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    Delta RFP

    What's the latest? Who will do the flying? Anyone know? Thx.