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    SWA classes Jan/Feb

    I'll be in the 31 Jan class too. I interviewed 23 Oct w/type. See ya'll in a few weeks.
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    SWA Jan 07 classes

    Anybody past 12 Oct got a date yet? I interviewed 24 Oct, but no call for a start date yet.
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    SWA Nov DB

    I checked mail as well. No news. I got sears AND 20% off at Bed Bath and Beyond. The wife and I got a nice little day planned out...I don't know if there's going to be enough time!
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    SWA Anyone else interviewing later this month?

    I've got a date for the 23rd and ya, the Rennaisance was full and I"m at the Raddison as well. I'm hand writing the forms. I figure if people have taken in forms written in crayons, I can use pen!