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    Delta Spanks Servicemen!

    ^^ What he said...^^
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    Is Delta Parking Mainline Airplanes?

    Good stuff!
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    Titanic watch by US News & World Report

    You can find a recipe for about any taste you can think of, from your favorite big brewer to the craft brewers that are coming of age so many places now. The process isn't difficult, but there is some startup cost associated with the equipment and some patience required for the fermenting...
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    Titanic watch by US News & World Report

    On that note, and not to hijiack the thread, but are there any other homebrewers on here? Feel free to return to the topic if it's news to you that lots of companies are having problems... Now enjoying - European Bock Just bottled - American Hefeweizen
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    Blue Angels Drop 2--WTF

    Clarification... Just to clear this up - we're talking about the Blue Angels here. I've studied right angles, obtuse angles, and triangles, but never the afore-mentioned "Blue Angles". I know, it only bothers the people who can spell... Can't fault the guy for trying a different "angle"...
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    handfly That's the info I was looking for - that you CAN handfly approaches to mins. Thanks
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    Just curious to see how the SOP's are written for the various fractionals - what level of automation does your company require you to utilize (coupled approaches mandatory, autopilot disconnect altitudes...)? Do the SOP's address whether it's a 91 or a 135 leg? Thanks in advance.