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  1. 8sugarsugar

    JetBlue stealing American jobs!!!!!!!

    Now that I have your attention, Look how ridiculous ALPA's claim is that Emirates is stealing American pilot jobs. If anything, Emirates is creating American pilot jobs. Emirates, JetBlue Share Growth Plans...
  2. 8sugarsugar

    Emirates signs deal with Delta; DXB-ATL; DXB-DTW

    Just kidding General Lee. Now that you pissed yourself just wanted to say its been a fun year razzing you. Merry Christmas
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    Emirates in talks with AA

    Rumor has it, Emirate's private 319 was in Dallas couple weeks ago..shortly after the merger hit a snag with US Air. 3 years ago Emirates was in talks with AA for some joint venture, but that fell through after the merger with US Air. You heard it here first. Maybe a 49% purchase? Maybe a...
  4. 8sugarsugar

    Emirates hub busting. UK-US Manchester - Miami Birmingham - Boston
  5. 8sugarsugar

    Emirates eyes UK to US direct flights
  6. 8sugarsugar

    Emirates Looks At Transpacific Operation Uh Oh General Lee, what you say about this? ^^^^^After G Lee tells the whole world that Emirates will Never EVER be granted 5th freedom rights; Emirates announces Milan-JFK 5th freedom the very next day
  7. 8sugarsugar

    Zero Boeing cargo aircraft orders in 2012 so far a sign of things to come? Air freight movements have always been one of the best economic indicators.
  8. 8sugarsugar

    414Flyer RIP Ron Chambless was killed yesterday fighting fires in a P-2 Neptune. He was a personal friend of mine and for those who didn't know him in person, he was...
  9. 8sugarsugar

    Emirates and Atlas/World contract

    EK just took delivery of it 4th B777F of many more. Anybody know if this is capacity growth or if EK will drop a 747 from atlas or world?
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    Don't hold your breath for a pilot shortage

    Yes, the legacies will have massive retirements, but won't hire to replace them. In 10 years time, you will see the legacies only flying widebody and all the narrow body flying being outsourced to the Skywests and pinnacles. Sure, there will be tons of hiring at those levels, but at low...
  11. 8sugarsugar

    USA Jet Airlines SOLD

    Big money, big plans
  12. 8sugarsugar

    Falcon 20 CF700

    How much would it cost to overhaul a CF700? What about a hot section?
  13. 8sugarsugar

    expressjet furloughs

    What hire date does xjet's 349 furloughs extend on Oct 1st? Any Captains being downgraded?
  14. 8sugarsugar

    ExpressJet gets delisting warning from NYSE
  15. 8sugarsugar

    express jet charter

    Whats up with express jet charter these days? What do you use for flight numbers?
  16. 8sugarsugar

    Jumpseat ANC to DTW

    I'm going to ANC to visit a buddy. Any suggestions for jumpseating to and from Detroit? What about kalitta or Northwest Cargo?? thanks!
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    Anyway way to jumpseat to Saipan or at least Guam? Any freighters head that way?
  18. 8sugarsugar

    Weather Modification

    Any fellow weather mod pilots out there? I was ND 2004-06
  19. 8sugarsugar

    USA Jet and Jumpseating

    I understand that USA Jet is on the CASS system. Does that mean that the pilots can jumpseat on any US airlines? Have any of the USA Jet pilots run into any problems jumpseating on any particular airlines?