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  1. Beaufighter

    WARNING: Comair JM in JFK

    Watch out for my favorite from years past... "The EXTREME Junior Man Situation." I did ask for clarification between the JM & EJM with no audible response of course.
  2. Beaufighter

    WARNING: Comair JM in JFK

    That's beautiful! When they called me at home in past years on my cell phone I was always on vacation in Hawaii or Europe somewhere. I told them I was able to comply with the JM order but they would have to deadhead me to base after I revealed my vacation location which was promptly followed by...
  3. Beaufighter

    Favorite/Least Favorite Airport

    Favorites: SEZ, FHR & SBA FUBAR Specials: SHZ (aka Bobby Boucher International); LGA, JFK & TEB...of course
  4. Beaufighter

    Republic CA leaving...

    Terry: Where is he off to (fractional/overseas) or is he leaving the industry? In any case, I wish him well! Is he still living in the Southwest Sector? Hang Tough!
  5. Beaufighter

    Mesaba pilot

    Cheers: Just go to the FAA website & and do an Airmen search inquiry. You can at least obtain the respective address. Good luck.
  6. Beaufighter

    The 33 Greatest Lies in Aviation

    Do not forget the infamous "LEGAL TO START-LEGAL TO FINISH" especially when it is illegal followed by..."we'll just adjust the block time."
  7. Beaufighter

    Comair net conference

    Was the "good ole boy" from Tenn. the point man of the infamous "hat/cover police"-busting new hires that had not even received their "covers"?
  8. Beaufighter

    PPAS and Comair pilot opinions

    I used it as I was paid & trained to use it except for the obvious as in ATC mandated speeds, etc. & during the descents. I (passengers too) did not like the negative G roller coaster ride descents and I did not like playing Crossing Restriction Altitude Roulette.
  9. Beaufighter

    United to choose Comair ground handling over SKW?

    That is beautiful! I guess we all bringing SEXY BACK too! Hang Tough!
  10. Beaufighter

    2 weeks notice, why?

    As they say, "Character Counts."
  11. Beaufighter

    LuggageWorks/PurdyNeat prices

    The skid plates are very nice as are the Coyote Works bags. You might also be able to attach the plates to a Scott bag as they are available as an accessory. All the best!
  12. Beaufighter

    Logging Time: Each leg?

    I do it the long & painful way...each & every leg with the "N" number & A/C Serial Number. If anything, it is fun to look back on the flight history. It also made quite a positive impression at my last interview.
  13. Beaufighter

    Placement in NJA aircraft?????

    All of the notifications came via email. It was approximately a five-six month wait before I received an interview slot with LAX listed as my first choice base. Best of luck to you.
  14. Beaufighter

    COMAIR 20 minutes til flameout; No Problem

    For the CR7 it is minimum fuel at 2500 & emergency fuel at 2000. As for a go-around it is 600 lbs per wing (level flight) so obviously 1200 lbs minimum.
  15. Beaufighter

    Best Sunglasses?

    Be careful with the polarized shades as most company OPS Manuals prohibit their use due to the color issue & FMS. Spend the extra money & buy some quality glasses.
  16. Beaufighter

    FAA CRJ Captains in China

    *Contract Term: First contract: 2 years. Subsequent contracts: 1 year *30 days personal leave per year Sounds like an absolute dream. TWO YEARS in China and away from the U.S. with seven leg days. I must assume that the personal days are unpaid and there is no mention of vacation (paid or...
  17. Beaufighter

    Telex vs Sennheiser for the CRJ

    I believe that marvgolden still offers a solid discount if you are part of ALPA-just give them your membership number when ordering-at least that was the case for me when ordering in January.
  18. Beaufighter

    Delta AirElite ?

    Cheers: In short, some of the nicest and most professional individuals I have met in this industry. I am certain that would carry over in all facets of their division. Best of luck!
  19. Beaufighter

    Comair or pinnacle

    I would take a close & hard look at all of the probable bases and decide where you might want to live or at least have better/closer access to your family and friends-that way you might have the option of obtaining some sanity during your life as a reserve pilot. Other than that, make you sure...
  20. Beaufighter

    Flexjet is Hiring!

    Cheers Forum Squadron Members: I took skydan5 up on his offer as another forum member forwarded me his posting one to two weeks ago. He followed up immediately with an email and ultimately a phone call thereby answering any questions I had as well as providing solid and reliable company...