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    Been there day and night under every callsign available to Civ. aircraft, RCH, ISF, and company Civ. callsign.
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    Cargo Flying in Africa

    Cliff, been there done it and had a blast. Once in a life time. Enjoy.
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    Fedex incident in NRT right now.. anyone heard anything?

    An interesting article written in 2006. “FedEx Burns Another Safety Lessons from the Latest Accident of a FedEx Aircraft Air Safety Week 08/07/2006 It’s been an article of faith among multi-engine pilots that if you drive your bird in a little hard, forget to flare or kick off the...
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    Cargo Flying in Africa

    I lived and flew a widebody in Africa to a lesser known destinations for a few years, and as was said above, have a good sense of humor. Everything has it's own time, some might take days or never happen at all. Get all your shots updated, drink bottle water or beer. No ice or salad (washed...
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    US Military Cargo Outsourcing..Unbelievable!!!

    Thanks. I stand corrected. Another Russian carrier that operates the 124 is Polet Airlines.
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    US Military Cargo Outsourcing..Unbelievable!!!

    There's always an exception to the rules. We have flown our whales into Afghanistan for a few years now but the Stated department did not allow our whales into Iraq until a few months ago. Yes, shoulda dot my tees and crossed my iis. As far as I know, Volga-Dnepr is the operator for the 124s...
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    US Military Cargo Outsourcing..Unbelievable!!!

    Here's what I know and may be help clear some of this stuff up. I'll keep it simple and to the point. One, those IED proof troop carriers do not fit in the 747 or DC 10. And I'll bet they are probably too heavy for any K-loaders out there. Hence the AN-124. They can just drive those...
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    Furloughs at Kalitta Air

    Definitely is an inside joke. LOL :laugh:
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    Furloughs at Kalitta Air

    Yes. They are both ex MAS. Both are GE powered. Both are from Guggenheim. Both are BCFs converted Combis. Both were going to 360 and Southern.
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    Furloughs at Kalitta Air

    First furlough for Kalitta since Connie restarted the company back in Nov. 2000. After 8 years of growth and expansions and now this. My prayers to all whose names are on the furlough list. What a way to ring in the holidays. Tough times ahead for all.
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    B747 down in South America?

    Or get sucked into a JT9D...
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    Kalitta questions...

    Timing is everything. Like I mentioned on the other thread, a few years back we were hiring turbo-prop guys with 3000 hrs. Now we have a surplus of widebody drivers (ATA, Focus, Cargo 360 and folks that have jumped ship from Evergreen, Polar etc.) with lots of hours including PIC...
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    Southern Air

    Heard that there will be no more new hire class for the rest of the year at K4 due to training (IOE) backlog. And yes, the mins have gone up, buyers market. A few years ago, we were getting guys right off B-1900 with 3000 hrs. It's all timing I suppose.
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    Kalitta and FAA

    Do you just sit at home and dream this sh*t up?
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    B747 down in South America?

    Joe will recover a lot faster if the hospital replace the IV with Diet Coke instead. God speed my friend.
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    kalitta colombia crash photos

    Something has got to be said about the 747 upper deck structure... Reminds me of the Lockerbie incident. Amazing that anyone survived that let alone all eight!
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    B747 down in South America?

    Condolences to all the families. Wishing all the best and quick recovery to all. A bad day for Freight Dogs indeed.
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    USA Jet DC-9 down in Saltillo

    Condolences and prayers to all the families and God Speed to my friend CJ. Wishing you and friends at CKS a quick recovery.
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    747 Splits in Two on T/O

    Wow, you sure HEAR a lot of things but was never ever there but claim to have the t-shirt. I'm not even going to get into it with you because I don't think its worth my time and I also believe that self declared public ignorancy is a special gift. Here's the ORD incident: First of all, we...
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    Kalitta Air B 747 Goes off the Runway!

    Why can't it be one of the crappy birds like 709 or 710?? 704 is one of our better ones.