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  1. Bob Dylan

    Great News. More Newhires at Southwest

    Looks like SWA isn't waiting around for the AirTran deal to close. Attention Higher Power family: Great news! We have been informed by Southwest Airlines Flight Operations and the People Department that SWA will be posting pilot position openings on Monday, March 7th. Currently, there is an...
  2. Bob Dylan

    CAL loses 10-year old little girl Sounds like the father is a just a tiny bit angry at CAL....but at least they offered to refund him his Unaccompanied Minor Fee. :p
  3. Bob Dylan

    UPS parking jets

    Rumor is UPS is parking DC-8s and some 757s. Pilots have been informed to expect substantial displacements off of the DC8 within the next couple of weeks. No furloughs or headcount reduction according to management.
  4. Bob Dylan

    CAL Takin' it Back..........eventually??

    Good luck to all the CAL pilots in Houston today. I honestly can't say that I agree with your rallying cry though! :laugh: Continental pilots to picket in Houston Pilots for Continental Express carry signs...