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    AMERIJET strike

    Are Amerijet pilots going on strike??
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    Any updated info on Amerijet?

    I agree with old 727, stay away from amerijet.Safety level is as low as can be, training is terrrible, MX whips every gig possible and the DO, Dairy Hoof is on a mission to break any progress in the contract talks with IBT. That is the Info. I get from friends that are employed by this scumbag...
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    Amerijet Info

    I heard that they just had a vote and 100% favor STRIKE. Company is hiring SCABS for TEAMSTERS strike.
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    Amerijet in MIA, questions.

    My past experience at amerijet was very degrading and many times insulted by their egotistic, abusive and incompetent management!!! I understand that the Union is ready to Strike any time within the next few months.My sincere advice to all is don't risk scabbing for this outfit. That is all they...
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    Stay Away From Amerijet

    Hey guys, I am not complaining, it was just my way of letting other pilots become aware of the situation as I know it. Sorry if I offended anyone, and yes my resume is on file in all the companies you mentioned and many more, like most of us. Lets quit insulting each other and provide helpful...
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    Stay Away From Amerijet

    If You Type Your Message In Caps, When You Post It It Will Capitalize The First Letter Of Each Word. Believe Me I Am Not Very Good At Typing To Complicate It In Such A A Way
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    Stay Away From Amerijet

    Bad-andy, By Me Saying That Southern Is A Complete Different World Does Not Mean The Situation At Southern Is Much Better Then That At Amerijet, Just A Bit Better For Now. I See The Conditions Depreciating Here At Southern Also. But Believe Me It Is An Improvement Over The ****hole Amerijet Is.
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    Stay Away From Amerijet

    This Outfit Has To Be The Most Disgusting Employer In The Cargo World. The Treatment The Pilots Get From Management Is The Lowest Form Of Disrespect And Abuse Known To Any Organization. I've Heard That Crewmembers Are Bailing Out At A Steadily Fast Rate Due To Shabby Maintenance And Very Unsafe...
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    Whats The Latest On Focus?

    The rumor is that its "one more startup to unfortunately bite the dust". ANY INFO?
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    amerijet = Lies, Lies, Lies. Stay Away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Yes Gentlemen, Unfortunately Outfits Like Amerijet Are Still Allowed By The Feds To Operate. Treat Pilots Like Trash And I Heard The Abuse Is Constant. Incompitent Management Who Are A Discrace To All Airmen In The Industry.
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    Freight Dogs tshirt

    Ootsk!! Also If Available 2 Stickers
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    Freight Dogs tshirt

    Ootsk!!! 1 White L 1 Blk L