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  1. twiddle

    Week of July 21st at NetJets

    So this is my deal: Interviewed in May (no phone interview). Emailed Derinda a month later in June, got the "we're going to make an offer, waiting for the green light" reply. Got a call in early July saying I'll be contacted in 2 weeks for a start date. Exactly 2 weeks later, got the email...
  2. twiddle

    What do Netjets guys do on long flights

    Read a topic recently about what's not allowed in the cockpit (news papers, sudoku etc.) so that's been beaten to death. I've only flown 121 before with a locked cockpit door, so I'm curious to know what you do on a 4-7hr flight? Doesn't it get boring? How do you stay awake, get the...
  3. twiddle

    A few more questions for Netjets drivers

    I interviewed in early May and just thought of a few things I didn't ask then. 1. Can you use the Blackberry for personal calls? 2. Assuming you supply your own headsets, is there any plane that is too loud for the Telex 750? (Like the EMB-145 I used to fly) Or do people use the Bose. 3...