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    United buys 40 EMB175s

    Way to hold that scope you UAL brain surgeons! SkyWest Airlines to Operate 40 Aircraft Under United Express Brand Through Capacity Purchase Agreement AGO, May 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- United Airlines today announced a capacity purchase agreement for SkyWest Airlines, Inc., a wholly-owned...
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    United off the runway in CLE

    If you can't beat em might as well join'em. Glad nobody was hurt. Damn you SWA ;)
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    Horton 20 million exit bonus!!

    FORT WORTH, Texas — Tom Horton won't get to lead the new American Airlines after it merges with US Airways, but he'll get a going-away prize of nearly $20 million. Horton will get $9.94 million in cash and an equal amount in stock in the new company after the merger. He'll also get an office...
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    some reported united contract details

    Zero stock (DALPA 5%=$37K/pilot, APA 13.5% = $100K) $400M retro pay – avg. $34,000/pilot (DALPA: 2 on-time contracts = 100% retro) UALPA determine allocation of L-UAL’s $225M retro cut (2/3 on eff date, 1/3 @ SLI) Pay bands • A380 (will never order 1) • 747, A350, 777, 787, 767-400 • 767-300...
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    Dfw fedex guys

    Just a quick Q? Sometimes when I commute I park at the parking spot. If I am grabbing a flight back to DFW with you guys but commuting out on someone else will anyone mind if I park in the FEDEX parking lot? Don't want to upset anyone or get towed. Although that random repair truck has been...
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    United may ground 757-300 and 767-200 to curb fuel cost United Continental Holdings Inc. (UAL), which burns $25,000 of fuel every minute, may ground its Boeing Co. (BA) 737-500 and 767-200ER jets to cut consumption as costs rise. Culling...
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    United CEO Smisek on oil and pinata parties!! Elizabeth Souder, our energy reporter, is sitting in at the always interesting CERA conference in Houston this week. United Continental Holdings CEO Jeff Smisek spoke there Friday morning. You might ask...
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    UAL cuts capacity 4% Hows Jeff looking now?

    UAL cuts capacity 4% CEO says this place will suck 4% less now March 7, 2011 EMPLOYEE BULLETIN: UNITED ANNOUNCES CHANGES IN 2011 CAPACITY PLAN In our February traffic release issued after the close of the stock market today, we announced that we are reducing capacity this year in response to...
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    Navy Ensign can't handle his call sign! He should know the more he complains the worse it gets!
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    CAL PILOTS Check Your Pay Rate for JAN!!

    Apparently there is some sort of "problem" that has not been reported. Well at least to us. Check your Jan pay rate. Notice anything. Most have defaulted to SNB pay. All types. File a claim and you may see it around May. Top companies to work for my Ass!
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    watch out for that 380 pushback SINGAPORE : A Singapore Airlines A380 plane accidentally ended on the grass verge off the tarmac at Changi Airport's new Terminal 3 on Thursday. Flight SQ221 involved in the incident was scheduled to depart...
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    CAl October 2nd class breakdown please share!!

    well it looks like the computer acted up. What I meant to say was does anyone have the class breakdown of CAL 07-28? Were there any 756 slots? Did it go Junior or senior? All Newark? Where did everyone come from and what were the age dempgraphics? How low did the pacifier go? Thanks...
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    Finally made it to the big dance!!!

    Hey Guys.. Long time lurker first time poster. Just want to get the news out that I have finally made it to the big dance. yes I got hired by Continental and have a class date on......9/11 Funny I was like you know this hasn't been the best date for most of us. They got a chuckle out of...