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    Palwaukee Flyers new name, yet again

    Captain ****************************** Bag, aka, Jim Kwasek, has changed the name of his little shop of horror yet again. Now the school is called "Chicago Executive Flight School" Stay away!! How this guy is still open angers me, and also makes me wonder what illegal things he is doing to...
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    Palwaukee Flyers strikes again.... incident.

    So our good friends at Palwaukee Flyers have struck again.... this time, a C150 (the one that replaced the one that crashed 5 miles away from the runway due to fuel starvation) landed on a frozen lake... Is Jim just waiting for his first death to shut down? I know that sounds bad but this is...
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    Palwaukee Flyers Mgmt hits new low!!

    Alright so Flyers "Management" aka good old Jim, has hit a new low. I called a good friend tonight to ask him how he was doing in ground school etc and he tells me the latest crap that Jim has pulled... So my buddy filled out his PRIA forms and all that. HR for his regional called him to say...
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    Expired Medical

    Howdy, There as been a dicussion at the place at work and we don't seem to be getting anywhere, maybe somebody here will have a good insight or suggestions. One of the instructor got a medical on 11-16-2002, a first class (edit: he is less then 40 years old). During an instructor...