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  1. sirius100

    possible cessna part time lead in NY/LI area

    They may be looking for a part time Cessna 210/206 pilot for charter in the NYC/Long Island area. Commercial/Intrument/Multi Must meet 135 VFR/IFR requirements Email is
  2. sirius100

    fixed wing to rotor transition

    I'm interested in adding rotor craft to my certificate. My company has a few choppers and I have the chance to get some time in them. I was wondering if anyone can recommend some good books on the transition. Thanks
  3. sirius100

    seaplane rating?

    I know if I had my CFI then got my seaplane rating, I'd be adding it to both my Commercial and Instructors certificates. If I already have my Comm. ASES and then get my CFI, I would need to add on the seaplane to my new CFI separately right? Because the they are two separate certificates right?
  4. sirius100

    Multi time on long island?

    Looking to split some twin time on long island
  5. sirius100

    Garmin Pilot GPS III

    Sorry I should have posted it for sale here for a while before putting it on Ebay. But here's a link to the auction if your interested.
  6. sirius100


    Can anyone give me any info or give a link on any info on the Britten Norman Tri-Islanders? I possibly may ferry one from Portland, Maine to Thailand. Any info would be greatly appreciated.