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  1. sitbackrelax

    Employee parking at OAK

    Someone once told me that it is possible to finagle an employee parking pass in oakland if your airline flew into but, was not based there. Anyone have any experience or advice? The bus is getting really old. Thanks.
  2. sitbackrelax

    Virigin America It seems like there are many people capable of making thoughtful and articulate arguments on this forum. If half of us wrote to these senators and/or our local papers we might be able to change some minds.
  3. sitbackrelax

    Mounting Wings on Leather Jacket?

    Anyone have any suggestions on a way to mount wings on a leather jacket that does not have the eyelets? I bought it from a different maker and forgot to ask to have them added. Thanks.
  4. sitbackrelax

    Any good Dash8 Q200 websites?

    Class starts in a few weeks; any good web sites to get a jump on things? Thanks