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  1. Neal

    - To Fly Or Not To Fly - (dumb questions)

    Hello @Wires - there are no dumb questions. If a private pilot's license is your desire then yes, when you have the opportunity take lessons and pursue your dream.
  2. Neal

    Discontinuing support for Tapatalk

    Due to numerous issues with Tapatalk it has been removed from this forum'ware as it is not needed. This web site is fully mobile friendly (responsive) and will provide a far better experience when used directly. Did you know you can save web sites to your mobile device and launch like any other...
  3. Neal

    Status of new pilots coming into GA?

    In my area, many of the flight schools closed down years ago. It seems the influx of pilots is very low. What is the consensus on people getting their pilot's licenses compared to 10-20 years ago? Is it too expensive to pursue now? What's it like in your area?
  4. Neal

    Your RC A/C

    Deleted spammer
  5. Neal

    Kenny D

    People know better. A la rules 'round here.
  6. Neal

    Insecure Login Warning

    Go to https://forums.flightinfo.com and make sure your bookmarks are using HTTPS instead of HTTP for the link.
  7. Neal


    On the bottom left of a post is a triangle to report posts. If you find something posted here against the terms, 1st confront the poster and allow them the opportunity to delete it and 2nd, click the triangle to report it IF the poster does not resolve it themselves.
  8. Neal

    Forums restructured and cleaned up

    Hello All, The number of forums have been reduced and the overall layout/content restructured. Nothing was removed, it was merged if you don't see it where you were expecting it. If you see something missing you want added or have a question or concern with the new setup please reply here...
  9. Neal

    Quote Function in new format

    Testing...looking into it
  10. Neal

    Total Posts Downsizing?

    The former Non-A chat forum was purged and the counters were finally updated, which caused post counts to decrease. If most of your activity was in the former Non-A forum, that's why you are showing decline.
  11. Neal

    non-aviation related chat

    Gone! Read the announcement please.
  12. Neal

    how do I correct the name?

    You've been renamed! :)
  13. Neal

    Where did the stickies go?

  14. Neal

    Forums Issues? AOL Users? Please read...

    If you're having problems with the forums, please try the following: Use Internet Explorer's latest version Clear cookies, cache (Delete Files from Tools...Internet Options) PRESS CTRL + F5 to force a clear cache such as the javascript files that may be cached from the old version of the...
  15. Neal

    email notifications

    We found an issue this morning and it should be resolved now.
  16. Neal

    email notifications

    Part of the problem too may be that using the Quick Reply does not subscribe you to a thread...we're still learning the new vBulletin 3.5 system as well...lot's new here!
  17. Neal

    email notifications

    Make sure when you're caught up with your reading you click Quick Links...Mark Forums Read. We're investigating the e-mail notifications...are people receiving e-mails of replies to a thread or not?
  18. Neal

    Continual log-outs???

    The new system tracks what you read vs. just marking things read based on your session expiring (20 minutes). As you can see, you may come back to finish up some reading but the posts got marked as ready. To "catch up" and mark things read, click Quick Links then "Mark Forums Read" and it will...
  19. Neal

    Test Post

    Testing the full reply system, please disregard
  20. Neal

    Test Post

    This is a test of the quick reply system, please disregard