WOW!! what a great deal!


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Nov 26, 2001
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I was browsing around at Barnes & Noble today and came across The Complete Encyclopedia of World Aircraft by David Donald. This book would easily have sold for 60-75 dollars, but was marked down to $15!! I snatched one for myself, but there were many left. This particular store was in Atlanta, but if you're interested, check your local B&N.

It's almost 1000 pages in hardback, cataloging every aircraft manufactured from 1903 through 1997. Military, civilian, fixed wing and rotorcraft. It's all there with a photo or drawing of each one. Each entry also contains specifications and a brief history of the aircraft.

The book is out of print now. Their website lists it at 28 bucks, which is still a bargain. But $15 was too good to pass up.

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