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TONS of Aviation Books...!


Will kill for peace.
Sep 18, 2002
Total Time
G 2/24
Time to clean out the basement! I have a lot of aviation books that I have quired over the past couple of years that I have little use for anymore. All are in "good" or better condition.

Jeppesen Flight instructor Manual - $35
Jeppesen Instrument Commercial Manual - $25
Jeppesen Aviation Weather, 2nd Edition, hard cover - $35
Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot - $35
Transport Category Systems (Jeppesen) - $25
Federal Aviation Regulations Explained - $10
Transition to Twins (ASA) - $10
An Illustrated Guide to Aerodynamics - $15
The Advanced Pilot's Flight Manual - $5
The Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge - $5
Instrument Flying Handbook (FAA) - $5
Airplane Flying Handbook (FAA) - $5
Flight Training Handbook (FAA) - $5
The Proficient Pilot - Flying Wisdom Vol 3 - $10
Instructional Methods for Flight Instructors - Gordon C. Henrie -$25
Air Traffic Control Career Prep (CD included) - $30
Aviation Weather Services - $5
The Pilot's Manual - Instrument Flying (ASA) 4th Edition soft cover - $20
The Pilot's Manual - Flight School (ASA) 3rd Edition - $30

Post with questions, PM if you would like to buy one and I'll send you my paypal address.