SFO Crash pad, no car needed! 10 minutes from SFO int.


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Apr 20, 2005
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Hello everybody,

There will be a San Francisco Crash-pad available very soon. I estimate it will be available around the end of March, 2009 or sooner. The rent will be $250 for reserve holders, $200 for Line holders plus $150 deposit. Service will be the standard: TV Cable, Internet, 1 or 2 on-site computers, Wi-Fi, regular cleaning service, On-site washer and dryer, very clean and spacious 1,100 square feet of space, one entertainments system like the Playstation or Wii. a public Skype account so that you can call anyone in the Unites States or Canada for FREE. Because of the large space and proximity to everything, this crash pad is open to be Co-ed. The crash pad is within 1 block from the San Bruno BART station, NO CAR NEEDED OR BUS TRANSFERS (except if you commute from OAK Int., there is a 10 minute shuttle from OAK Int. to the Coliseum BART station). There will be limited, and also if available, courtesy car rides to SFO Int., to the groceries store or nearby places (not really needed, everything is within walking distance, but you never know!).

You can get to Downtown San Francisco in about 25 Minutes using BART or to San Jose in 60 minutes using Caltrain!

If you are seriously considering signing up for this crash pad, please contact me right away. For planning purposes I need to know when you are planning to stay, for how long and your airline please. Sorry for not posting pictures yet, but I will soon.

The approximate location of this crash pad is here:

Bayshore Circle
San Bruno, CA 94066


Thank you all

The Crash pad will be

-A 10 minutes (BART) Bay Area Rapid Transit ride from SFO Int. Airport to San Bruno BART Station.


-A 60 minutes (BART) Bay Area Rapid Transit ride from the Oakland Int. Airport. To San Bruno BART station.

The crash-pad will be located within:

1 Street block to

-Tanforan Shopping mall

-Century at Tanforan Theaters

- San Bruno Samtrans Bus station

10 minutes walk to

-Towne Shopping Center/Plaza (Subway, 24 hours Starbucks, etc)

-Artichoke Joe's Casino (24 hours food service and Bar)

-Seniore's Pizza (open until 3am)

-Caltrain San Bruno Station

- San Mateo Avenue
An avenue with 6 blocks of a large variety of local stores including restaurants, Grocery stores and services such as barbershops, pharmacies, banks, etc.