Scott Duo-Seal Model 1Q78


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Jul 9, 2018
Hello. I'm brand new to the forum. My father was a VFR/IFR Pilot, that had logged I don't know how many hours, but enough to where he was able to pilot private jets. He had 3 planes over his lifetime. 1 single engine, and 2 twins. I was always very proud of him. I remember one was a Cessna 421. He passed away in 2015 of natural causes, he was 77 years of age. While cleaning out my garage, I came across a lot of his old pilot gear. I'm keeping his log books, and I even found his very first tiny flight log, from his first day of training in 1965! I loved my father very much, so I'm keeping all the personal stuff, but, there's some stuff, I would rather sell, and let another pilot use, as I never had one flight lesson, and do not have a pilot's license.

I have a question I'm hoping you guys can help me out with. I can't find anything, and believe me I've tried everything, but I can't get any information on when these were made, and what they are worth. They are obviously oxygen masks, as I have 2 of them. One for Pilot other for Co-pilot. They are in plastic bags, and are in perfect condition. Any info is greatly appreciated, especially if anyone can tell me what they are worth. Thank you.

Scott Duo-Seal 1Q78

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