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Room for rent in PHX


Kill a man with a trident
Apr 6, 2006
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Hi all,

I have an open room in my house that I'm looking to rent out. It's a little far from the airport to be a true crashpad (you'll require a car) but if you're looking for a place to live in the PHX area, I'm your man.

The house is in northern Gilbert (Val Vista and Elliot are the crossroads). It's a two story house in great condition. There are two bedrooms open, one is smaller, the other is larger, and the house has an available spot in the garage. The house has two 42" HDTVs, and is furnished (I have an extra queen bed if you need it). It's close to paths (a canal, and another "brownbelt" (like a greenbelt but with rocks and a walking path instead of grass)), in a quiet neighborhood, and of course I have a BBQ for use.

I myself am a quiet furloughed/career changed pilot. I travel plenty so I'm not around all the time. I'm clean/neat, I hope a potential roommate would be too.

Looking for $450 (all utilities included, waivable $50 summer electricity surcharge [I will waive if electric bill comes in at less than 10% above last year's level, which it likely will]) for the small bedroom and $550 (+$50 summer) for the big bedroom. $50 for the garage spot.

For pictures and more details, email roommate@allmysportsteamssuck.com