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Question about Airlinepilotpay.com


Not Great...?!
Dec 19, 2003
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Checkin out some of the pay scales online today and noticed something...
Take, for example, AE or XJT. At AE, the FO pay remains constant after 8 years or more..constant at $34/hr. At XJT, the pay remains constant as well for FO after 8 years, only a little better at $41/hr. Is this to suggest that after 8 years or so (in the case of AE and XJT) you will be moving on to higher payscales, either by transitioning to another plane or upgrading to Capt?

Especially with the flowbacks at AE now, there probably are those 10 year FO's...so does that mean $34/hr indefinetly until that upgrade comes along?!:eek:


Finally! Graphical TFRs!!
Sep 30, 2003
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who stays 10 years at a regional? You'd make more money flight instructing :D ( a little bit of sarcasm there, but only a little).