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MSP Crashpad


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Sep 28, 2005
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-Nice and clean place to crash (I clean and stock it myself you don't have to scrub the toilet at all)

-Next to the Mall of America, 24hr IHOP, numerous bars and restaurants

-Transportation to the Lindbergh and Humphery terminals via new light rail line. Train runs every ten minutes (ten minute ride followed by a 3 minute walk to the crashpad). Or an 8 dollar cab ride if you need it.

-27" TV, DVD, XBOX, 120 channels of cable, Bootleg WiFi from the hotel next door or Dial up internet.

-Full kitchen and well furnished.

-$130 to hot bunk or $180 if you prefer your own bed, both are available

Please call Tom Bennett at (612) 387-8301 or email at tbennett30@juno.com
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