King Aire Coffee Warmers / Potable Water Units


Aug 31, 2005
Total Time
20 yrs
For any King Air 300 drivers / operators, my company sold our King Air 300. We had the coffee warmer, potable water and hot water units removed and had an STC for a moving map put into the spot where those units were located. I am looking to clean some cabninets out and noticed those were sitting gathering dust. I am not certain if the following part numbers are also used in the BE-350, BE-20 or -90 series etc? If anyone needs them, I am willing to part with them for a reasonable price. These units came out of serial # FA-80, 1985 King Air 300.

All in working condition, operable

Part Numbers are as follows:

Hot Water Pot: Model 80037-112, Serial # 001. This is 28 Volts/ 80 Watts

Coffee Pot: Model: 80037-110v, Serial # N/A. This is 28 Volts / 120 Watts

Potable Water: no serial or model number

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