IAD Room in Leesburg, VA


Mar 14, 2005
Total Time
Want your own unfurnished room in a single family home? 20min to the IAD employee lot. Will need your own transportation. Good place to settle while you find more permanent housing.

You get: Peace and quiet, no smokers, high speed internet, premium cable with big TV, more DVD's than you could watch, full use of the laundry, kitchen, living areas. It's less than 10 min away from: Target, walleymart, costco, starbucks, giant, ida lee sports complex, fitness first, taco bell, quiznos, subway, and other foods in downtown leesburg.

Price $510 + 1/4 utils. Damn good deal considering most 1 bedroom apts are in the kinda pricy out here. Especially if you want your own space.

Email me if your interested: rekrap178@comcast.net I'll fwd some pictures to you.