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Oct 28, 2002
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Crashpad located in Leesburg. It is 20 min to the employee parking lot. House is a single family 4 bedroom 4 bath home. Owned by three pilots. We have high speed internet, both wireless and wired, all premium cable channels, playstation, bbq on large back deck, maid service, large screen tv. Everyone gets their own bed, no hot bunks. We are close to plenty of shopping and things to do. There is a county rec facility 2 minutes down the road that has everything you could think of for 5 bucks each visit, no membership needed. You have full access to large house. You get full run of washer/dryer, house computers, fridge, microwave, oven, and bbq. We supply everything, i.e. laundry det, t.p., all condiments. The only thing you need are your clothes, sheets, pillow, food, and good natured personality. Great place to sit reserve. Not overcrowded at all. Reserve is 225. Lineholder is 175. Will need a car. We also just opened up a full room for rent if anyone is interested in living here full time. Call 202-297-1315 or email bephilli@hotmail.com