How To Become An Airline Pilot - Achieve Your Dream Without Going Broke

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Dec 12, 2017
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My name is Robert Lawrence. I became an airline pilot at age 49. I wrote a book for aspiring airline pilots - explaining how I saved time and lots of money during my training. The book is: How To Become An Airline Pilot - Achieve Your Dream Without Going Broke.

If you have dreamed of becoming an airline pilot, but you haven't pursued your dream because you believe you're too old; it's too expensive; it takes too long; or it's too difficult, just know that once you make the decision to pursue your dream the right people and opportunities will appear. They did for me and others tell me similar stories.

I stayed in a miserable career for too long before finally deciding to finish what I had started years before. If you focus on a reason why you cannot achieve this, or any goal, you will never take the first step. Once you take the first step the next step will become apparent. Just make a decision to become an airline pilot, take action, and you will arrive at your destination. This is how all goals are achieved. There will be obstacles, but all obstacles can be overcome.

If I am allowed to include a link, here it is:

Sadly, many posters will write and say that it's luck, or timing, or "fill in the blank" reason why THEY cannot achieve their dream. The naysayers never get in the game and they will tell anyone who will listen why something can't be done. Hence, they never do anything. Airline pilots will never discourage you from pursuing your dream.

The airlines are desperate for you. Will you have to commute and sit reserve? Yes. But you will meet new people and get to know new places. You will gain seniority quickly and move onward and upward.

Write me at or visit my website:

My books are available as eBooks, paperback, and audio books.

Whatever I have done, you can do.

Robert Lawrence
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