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How about the Cayman Islands


Aug 25, 2002
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How about the Cayman Islands?

Designed by Airline Pilots for Airline Employees Considering an Offshore Investment/Lifestyle

The International Pilots Group (IPG) is a core group of airline pilots representing many of the major airlines in the world. We have focused on a tax-advantaged Resort/Development in the Caribbean for the past 3 years. Phase One of our inaugural project is complete; Phase Two just started on the oceanfront in the beautiful tax-free Cayman Islands.

Check out our two secure websites. Our home page www.ipgglobal.net (is about our group) and is like the trunk of a tree the www.castawayscove.net (the project) is like one of the branches.

Login to the Airline Employees Section using:

EMAIL: airline@ipgglobal.net
PASSWORD: interliner
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