Hartzell C/S prop for sale


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Nov 25, 2001
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For Sale

Hartzell Constant Speed Propeller
Blade Design # F8467-7R
Hub Design # HC-E2YR-1
Diameter – 78”
Back plate for 15” spinner
No Logs

I bought it used for my homebuilt, but my CG can’t handle it. It was originally on a one-off homebuilt with a TIO-360 Lyc. Approx. 400 hours since new and 50 hours and 7-8 years since overhaul by West Coast Propeller in Burbank, CA. I have some paperwork, but no logs. It's the same prop that is on the single commander, Piper commanche, and some Maules. Perfect for Lancair, Glasair, etc. Email for pics.

or possible trade up/down for Lycoming O-360 or digital King avionics

Email Scott at sstearns2@yahoo.com