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Expensive DCA Crash pad


Nov 23, 2003
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Within walking distance to DCA. Walk to Pentagon City, Mall, Shoping, many restaurants, movies, metro, sport pubs etc. $1000.00 a month, ouch, one bedroom, private entrance. Included is all utilities except phone, yes cable and hi-speed wireless, heating and cooling. Available 1 Nov 05.

Questions : Robbie, r22bii@gmail.com


Go Tigers!
Jun 25, 2003
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FltOps, you were obviously not a marketing major. It's luxury crashpad.;) Good luck.


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Nov 27, 2001
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I have to say if any of you AWAC or PSA (i think PSA is opening a base here) are looking to move to DCA with a girlfriend or wife where you'd split the rent (500 each) this place sounds like a good deal. I have a pad in the area (crystal city) and can say 1000 for everything is about as good a deal as you going to get. You don't need a car for anything there so if there is no parking and your based at DCA just keep you car in the employee lot for free. Although I don't know where this apt is located all the apartments in the Pent/Crystal city area are clean, from the Pent down to the 4 mile trail and then from the airport west to say ridge avenue you could eat off the streets. What do you expect its mostly high paid govt employees. Also alot of late 20's early/mid 30's professionals in the area, plenty of people to meet, lot of females as many are poly sci or some kind of bio major (chick majors) from the local colleges. I would move here if I could afford it.
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