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Jan 4, 2004
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I have a room available in a large 1200 sq. ft. 2 bdr apartment. The apartment is one of the nicest you'll find in the area. It is located on the edge of Ft. Mitchell about 12 minutes from the employee lot and only a few minutes from nice but still cheap bars, restraunts, and stores.

This is your standard setup: cable, wireless, bed if needed, your own room, your own bathroom, garage space if needed, non-smoker (prefer n-sm but if you must, do it outside!), ground floor so easy access to backyard and privacy. The complex has a pool, excercise room, etc.

As far as price, we can work something out. I live here, but the spare room just sits empty. I am only looking for 1 person so if you only need a few nights a month or something a little more like sitting reserve...but pretty much get used everyday, or commute the price will be variable. I imagine a range from $100-275.

PM me or (814) 404-4783
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