Crash Pad available: HNL ($110 & Up)


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Jul 8, 2007
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Only four miles and 11 minutes from HNL airport, this comfortable and relaxing crash pad is complete with panoramic views of downtown Honolulu and the airport (but without the noise.)

Sleeping Arrangements: (All Beds Dedicated. Maximum number of crashers at any given time would be no more than 4)
  • One private bedroom with a queen-sized bed. (One guest on your nights OK at no extra charge)
  • One large room (20ft X 20ft) with three (3) Extra long (39" wide x 80" long ) twin beds (no bunks)
  • Will consider hot-sheeting only for the Twin beds and only if you come as a pre-arranged pair. (i.e. – you two deal with the scheduling)
  • Extra Nights OK – (example: You commit to an XL Twin for 8 nights, any additional nights (9th, 10th, Etc.) will be charged $25.00 per night
(All Beds Dedicated)
PRIVATE QUEEN ROOM : 8 Nights $270; 9-16 Nights: $525; 17+ Nights: $940.00; Extra Nights: $75.
XL TWIN BED (3 available): 8 Nights $185; 9-16 Nights: $350; 17+ Nights: $670.00; Extra Nights: $25.
HOT SHEETING: 8 Nights $110; 9-16 Nights: $200; 17+ Nights: N/A; Extra Nights: $25.
* Pricing reflects nights spent per month. (Refundable deposit $100 per person.)

All of this available in a spacious and open "local Hawaiian style" home on Kamehameha Heights. Occupied full-time by considerate & responsibly fun-loving 40 year-old, male homeowner (Professional, non-aviation). Includes High-speed WiFi internet, Cable TV, Washer/Dryer/Iron, Use of Kitchen, Dining Room and Living Room. Sheets/Towels provided & laundered for your convenience. Bathroom would be shared.

Prefer (Pilots, Attendants or Marshals) who are fun-loving, easy-going, considerately gracious, humble and “responsibly irresponsible” on occasion. (I endeavor to be this way too.)

Smokers welcome; however, no smoking please inside the house or on the Front Lanai. (Owner is non-smoker)

** Want to Garage a Car? **
One covered parking space in a shared, two car garage. ($200.00 – Negotiable)

Consider a visit to come check it out the next time you’re in town. Shoot me a note if you have more questions!

Aloha, Allen :)

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