CLT room for rent


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May 7, 2007
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Hello, I am closing on a town house on June 30th and would like to rent out a room. It is located in Vemillon off of extit 23. It is a fun community where you can walk to the neighborhood pool, restaurant/bar and a few shops. Rent is $400 a month plus half of gas and electric which should not be much. I will pay for high speed internet and cable or satalite. You will have your own bathroom, full use of kitchen, living room, back yard, washer/dryer and the 3rd bedroom will most likely be a guest room.

About me- I'm a laid back straight 28 year old male working as an airline pilot, so I will be gone more then I am home. On my days off I enjoy spending time on my boat, mountain biking, playing tennis, having BBQs, going to bars, concerts and traveling.

About you- 20s-30s laid back male or female that is neat and capable of paying rent on time.

I don't have any pets but a well trained calm pet is a possibility. sorry I do not like little dogs that constantly bark.

Here is the house