Cleaning out my flight bag


That's Miz Beetch to you
Dec 25, 2002
Total Time
Nearly new Aera 560. Used twice on ground. $1525 shipped.
Has everything that comes in the box plus the Lifetime traffic subscription cable and one free update. Has not been registered. Was replacement for misbehaving unit, so has very little use.

Nearly new Elite Pro Panel II Yoke Console. $1525 shipped.
Has 26 hours on Hobbs, 8 of which were for leaving the key on, 4.4 from factory testing.

Well used ICOM A22 handheld Nav/Comm for sale. $115 shipped
One knob cover is completely missing, another is half missing, and the AC power cover is gone, but hasn't affected use. Comes with 12 AA battery case, 1 yr old stubby antenna, headset adapter, and radio.
Excellent range with installed antenna in SEL Pistons (C172 & PA28R)! .

Lenovo X200 Multitouch Tablet PC widescreen with new hard drive and keyboard. $725 shipped obo.
One owner, refurbished 2010 with replacement LCD touchscreen. Windows XP, 100 GB 7200 RPM HDD, Bluetooth, fingerprint reader, ATT Wimax, camera, 4 GB RAM, Core 2 Duo 1.86 GHz processor (fastest available for it), 18 month old battery (may be under warranty), entire unit still under warranty. Works very well as a Windows-based EFB, no 10000' HDD failure either.

Lightly used Yoke Clip for PA31Ts and similar. $15 shipped.
This is the strong one with my upgrades that prevent scratching yoke columns, really grip the checklist and charts, as well as painted black to prevent reflections. Tested on cargo aircraft only.

Also have Falcon 900x FSI kit $20, B737 type rating study guides $25, and Lear 45 POH $25.

Images here:

PM if interested in any of the above.