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Cessna CBI Kit for Sale on eBay


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Dec 31, 2001
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The Cessna CBI Kit is also referred to as "The Private Pilot Bag" and consists of the following items: The Multi Media Training System (a complete Computer Based Instruction (CBI)) consisting of 21 CDs, a Handbook and Syllabus, a Pilot Log Book, The Pilot Safety and Warning Supplement booklet, a Cessna "Flight Computer" (which is like a slide-rule for pilots) and a Private Pilot Floppy Disk for recording the trainee's progress. This entire kit is standard issue for anyone wishing to pursue a Private Pilot License and comes in a handsome blue canvase briefcase. The Log Book has one single entry in it which can be easily ignored. This kit was purchased in December of 1998 and, aside from the single entry in the log, has never been touched and is essentially brand new. New kits now cost $299. The Item # 1316333973 will take you to the auction as will this link:

Cessna CBI Kit

If you have any questions, please email me at ted_herman@yahoo.com and thanks! Happy New Year!!